We the People Act(HR 3893 IH)March 4, 2004 To limit the jurisdiction of the Federal courts, and for other purposes. Mr. PAUL (for himself and Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland) introduced the bill in the 108th Congress and needs to be introduced in the 109th Congress.

Saturday, December 4

Kevin M. Jeanfreau on Democide in the U.S.

The map above has 17 states blacked out. The population of these states is equal to the 45,000,000+ reported “legal” surgical abortions since 1973. Perhaps this visual perspective helps one to grasp the number of people that are gone, dead-robbed of their God-given constitutional rights to life and liberty. Each time a person is aborted or euthanized and robbed of their rights, our rights and very lives become less secure.

Kevin M. Jeanfreau, Founder Christian Patriots For Life

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